Stage Window Sponsor George Munsey

We’ve been getting to know George off the pitch and he’s a pleasure to work with and we wish him every success over the coming months as he embarks on his franchise cricket.

Here’s the extract of our interview that we conducted during his preparation for the Canadian tournament so you can start to get to know the man behind the big hits;

SW: We assume your best day in cricket was the Scotland win over, the now, world champions last year? What was the worse?

GM: Yeah best day in cricket by far… Great atmosphere, great game and fantastic to get the first win over England.
Worst is a hard one, being a batsman I guess you can say anytime you don’t get runs but emotionally the way we lost to West Indies in the World Cup qualifiers due to the rain, only 5 runs behind on DL to knock us out of the World Cup is up there!

SW: Great answer… team results over individual ones always had a bigger on me too. When we met up last, I think I said Gower was my hero growing up, who was yours?

GM: Mine has always been Trescothick, loved the way he went about himself in the Ashes and for England in general. Always played his game no matter what.

SW: Awesome player and always looked a quality bloke to have in the side. We’d be fascinated to know what the best spell of bowling you have had to face up to.

GM: I played against Australia for Northants on my first-class debut… facing Cummins who was going through the motions ‘till I hit him for 4 4’s in the over and the field went from 4 slips and a gully to 2 slips, 2x Deep Square, short leg and leg slip… lasted 5 more balls before getting caught off the gloves defending my face!

SW: Assume you must trust your instincts at that kind of pace. Who would be your first pick of todays players to put in your side (any format)?

GM: I think for T20 the powerplay is so important and would want to open with someone who takes it down. Tbh Costa and I try and do that for Scotland, and I love batting with him… but would be cool to open with Chris Gayle.

SW: You went for the ‘universe boss’ … Now that your franchise cricket has kicked off with the Brampton Wolves (and what a super start 63* off 24) who in the current changing room do you rate the most?

GM: Afridi and Wahab Riaz have been awesome. Really surprised how they have come in and got involved. Munro has been quality to work with and talk through game plans which has helped.

SW: Great to hear these big names can help by sharing their experiences with you. While we know you will be focused on the next game in Canada it was fantastic to see you picked up early in the Euro T20 slam draft. Who are you most looking forward to teaming up with there?

GM: The Euro T20 Slam will be class. We have Bazz and Steyn to enjoy and I’m looking forward to picking their brains.

SW: We are looking forward to coming out and supporting you in Amsterdam too! Outside of cricket what do you like to do to switch off?

GM: Love playing golf and then just relaxing at home!!

SW: Snap! See you on the Dunbar links for a catch-up post Canada. Apart from the mega bucks (obviously) why the Stage Window team association?

GM: I’m all about having the right partnerships in life. I like to work with good people and enjoy my time. Not just on the field but off the field too. I feel this has already happened with Sam and Pete at Stage Window.

SW: Well we are all at a new stage currently and have already enjoyed partnering with you. Life is too short, right! We’re just glad that we can help a little bit with something we are passionate about.

That’s a wrap for now… let us know when you back for that game of golf and a beer.